Sweet promotional novelties 2021

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  • Sustainable promotional products with a good cause
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  • Nostalgic giveaways with subtle flavours

Product News 2021

Triple Heroes

"Snacking on chocolate while doing good."

A very special new product this year, the Triple Heroes, will be presented by Mario Siebig, Managing Director.

Chocolate Heroes!

Chocolate heroes? Our heroes don't come from distant galaxies and possess superpowers, and yet they are the "triple heroes" for us. Why? Let us introduce you to our "heroes". Tony's Chocolonely - the 100% slave-free bar, produced from cocoa beans from a fair production. The mixschokolade from Rettergut made from 100% rescued chocolate and Die Gute Schokolade from Plant-for-the-Planet. We bring all three together in a heroic chocolate bundle, in practical packaging made of FSC®-certified cardboard that can be individually printed all around. Another special feature: you have the option of enclosing a small card with a short background information about the three articles. We have prepared the text for you, you bring the colour into play.

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5 chocolate bars = 1 tree

We have been successfully selling Gute Schokolade for over a year. So this year it was clear to us: "Why not give away a whole tree?

The product novelty "5er Die Gute Schokolade" will be presented to you by Marion Neugebauer, Sales and Order Processing.

5 bars of Chocolate = 1 Tree

A beautiful sustainable advertising message packaged in climate-neutral packaging made from FSC®-certified cardboard. For every five bars of Good Chocolate sold, a new tree is planted as part of the Plant for the Planet project. The packaging, with the punched-out tree on the front, can be individually printed all around and thus offers sufficient space for an individual advertising message.

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Chocolate Bar Packaging Ideas

New this year: A valuable bar packaging made of FSC®-certified cardboard offers enough space for an individual advertising message. The practical packaging is an appealing secondary packaging for our bar range. With an individual finish, it is the perfect companion for a wide range of marketing and promotional activities.

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Save vegetables and do good.

Good idea, we thought, given the quantities of fruit and vegetables that literally end up in the bin every year. That's why we are introducing the "Rettergut" brand to our range in 2021, including these delicious spreads.

The Rettergut spread is presented to you by Michaela Zimmermann, Marketing.


Under this motto, an easy-going group of guys and gals from Berlin save food from the bin. Until now, many tonnes of fruit and vegetables have ended up in the bin each year because they do not "meet the standard", for example. Rettergut wants to put an end to this now and process various vegetables into these delicious spreads, among other things. We thought it was a great idea and have given the jar a beautiful packaging - of course produced climate neutrally from FSC®-certified cardboard. The packaging can be customised all around. Another special feature: there is also an information card with background information about Rettergut and #stopfoodwaste.

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Delicious food from the bear family

A delicious snack made of oat flakes refined with fine chocolate or berries.

Our new product 3Bears Porridge will be presented by Sabrina Kilian, Sales and Order Processing.

3Bears Porridge with Mailing Folder

The delicious porridge from 3Bears does not contain any added industrial sugar. The crunchy, fresh wholemeal oat flakes in the porridge mixes come from a traditional mill in the Black Forest. The "Made in Germany" porridge mixes are prepared at Lake Constance.

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Good Luck.

Colourful promotional ideas that make people happy or bring luck. Fortune biscuits in different colours offer a variety of interesting advertising options.

The colourful fortune biscuits are presented by Michaela Beinhofer, Sales and Order Processing.

Colourful Fortune Cookies with Promotional Card

Luckily, our new year starts with beautiful, new and creative ideas. Just like our fortune biscuits in 5 different colour variations. The message in the fortune biscuit can be printed individually, for example for a raffle draw or a discount promotion at the POS.

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Effervescent Hearts

Fruity, sparkling effervescent hearts that you can lose your heart to in the practical nostalgic tin.

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Dark chocolate refined with a fresh hint of peppermint. The chocolate mint lentils are coated with a sweet glaze in white and rose.

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Strawberry Spelt Hearts

A crunchy core of crispy spelt, coated in a sweet shell of strawberry yoghurt chocolate.
Melt away.

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Salty Caramel Almonds

The core of a crunchy almond is covered in delicious caramel chocolate. The fine salty note of the chocolate gives another special taste experience.

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Don't just take two

A successful classic sweet from Storck since 1962 with a typical orange and lemon flavour and delicious filling. We think you can eat more than "two" of these and pack 7 nimm2 sweets in a beautiful, handy stand-up box. A nice haptic promotional item that can be a creative addition to a campaign with an individual finish, for example.

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Fresh Ideas

A breath of fresh air for fresh advertising messages. Classic Fishermen's Friend sweets in typical packaging come in secondary packaging made of high-quality cardboard in a practical format. The cardboard packaging can be customised on all sides and offers plenty of space for creative advertising messages.

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