Act sustainably

We want to make our contribution to the global sustainability goals together. Our newly established CSR team is looking at where we can do this in the future. As a result, we are focusing on the areas of: Employees and Work Environment, Products and Supply Chains, Environment and Climate, and Regional Environment and Community.

Our sustainability vision

"MAGNA sweets, a producer of confectionery as an advertising medium, is committed to acting sustainably as a company in order to preserve a healthy living environment for our own and future generations. For us, this includes not only economic and ecological factors, but also social and ethical aspects. Together we are going down this path, step by step."

Transparent Climate Protection

Our company makes a financial contribution to climate protection. What does that mean? Together with our partner ClimatePartner, we have recorded the CO2 emissions of our company and created the Corporate Carbon Footprint. In the first step, we aim to reduce or avoid CO2 emissions through various projects. In the second step, we offset CO2 emissions through a certified climate protection project. You can find out more about our offsetting of CO2 emissions and our climate protection projects on our ClimatePartner project page

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The CSR-Team

We see CSR as a cross-sectional task across all departments. Therefore, the CSR team of MAGNA sweets is made up of employees from the departments: production, quality management, procurement, graphic & layout, pre-press and printing, HR, marketing, sales and management.

Environment & Climate

We are aware that we cannot save the world. We do our best to reduce the impact of our work on nature and the environment.

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There is a long thought process behind all our products. For the last few years, we have been working more and more on harmonising enjoyment and use as advertising media with our environment.

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Employees & Working Environment

Particularly as a family business, our employees are an important part of our entrepreneurial activities. With many projects and offers, we take responsibility as an employer and promote the compatibility of family and career.

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Regional Environment & Community

Only together can we be a strong team, which is why we have been involved in our region and within our industry for many years. Social commitment, such as "supporting the food banks", is also very close to our hearts.

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