We, MAGNA sweets, want to make our contribution as a company to the global sustainability goals. Our newly established CSR team is examining where we can do this in the future. As a result, we are concentrating on the following areas: Employees and working environment, products and supply chains, environment and climate as well as regional environment and community.

Our sustainability vision

"We at MAGNA sweets, producer of confectionery as an advertising medium, feel obliged to act sustainably as a company in order to maintain a healthy living environment for our own and future generations. For us this includes not only economic and ecological factors but also social and ethical aspects. Together we are going this way, step by step".

The CSR-Team

We see CSR as a cross-sectional task across all departments. Therefore, the CSR team of MAGNA sweets is made up of employees from the departments: production, quality management, procurement, graphic & layout, pre-press and printing, HR, marketing, sales and management.

The four CSR areas

Our CSR activities focus on four areas:

  • Employees and working environment
  • Products and supply chains
  • Environment and climate
  • Regional environment and community

Employees and working environment

We want to be an attractive employer with satisfied employees. Many of our employees have been working for MAGNA sweets for many years and we are pleased to report a low fluctuation rate.

Fair working conditions and a fair salary are a matter of course for us.

We create a basis of trust and value the performance of each individual employee. Regular employee discussions with feedback are a matter of course for us.

We create a balance between family and career. A large proportion (approx. 80% of the workforce) in our production are women.

The health and well-being of our employees is very important to us. We are committed to this.

Our own large kitchen, the weekly fruit basket, water and coffee as well as an ergonomic workplace and more, contribute to this. Thanks to our own water dispenser in the kitchen, we also save CO2 emissions.

"We are colourful."
We encourage diversity and value diversity within our team. We live inclusion by taking into account people with difficult access to the labour market.

We listen.
We listen to our employees and encourage innovative thinking. We accept criticism and appreciate suggestions for improvement, for example in work processes.

Products and Supply Chain

As a manufacturing company in the food sector we have the following certifications: HACCP, IFS Global Market Foods, organic certificate, seedling and DIN-tested compostable.

We see a great need for action in this area in the near future. Therefore we are already working on topics such as: sustainable packaging solutions, return to the recycling cycle and further developments in cooperation with our suppliers.

Environment and Climate

We have been FSC certified (FSC® certification (C149319)) for several years now and are committed to protecting our forests.

At our site in Moorenweis, we obtain electricity from renewable energy sources. With our combined heat and power plant, CO2 emissions from combined heat and power generation are around one third lower than with separate heat and power generation. With our photovoltaic system (80%) we are also taking a sustainable path.

We support Plant-for-the-Planet and thus produce at our location in Moorenweis, already climate neutral.

The hosting of our website is powered by 100% green electricity.

We get our drinking water from a water dispenser. Compared to ordering bottled water, this reduces our CO2 footprint by up to 72%.

Regional environment and community

Only together can we be a strong team. That is why we have been members of various industry associations for many years.

Social commitment is very important to us.
Up to now, we have supported "Sternstunden", a charity campaign of the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation, which helps sick, disabled and suffering children all year round, with donations. We also donated to "Tafel", a children's cancer ward and local associations such as the VdK Bayern social association, a youth football club and children's singing club.