Triple Heroes Chocolate

Have you already discovered them in our novelties? The three chocolatey "heroes" with a good thought. We would like to introduce you to our "Triple Heroes" product. "Triple Heroes" is the name of three companies with a strong, sustainable basic idea in their corporate and product strategy. These include Tony's Chocolonely, Rettergut with the mixschokoladen bar and the Gute Schokolade from Plant-for-the-Planet.

Tony's Chocolonely

Tony's vision: chocolate from 100% slavery-free production. Now many people are thinking, "slavery"? Does it still exist today as we know it from history? And Tony's Chocolonely says: Yes, it exists. There are several reasons for this, including the fact that the returns from the sale of cocoa beans are too low to be fairly distributed and that cocoa farmers lack the necessary agricultural knowledge to optimise the productivity of their farms.Der Tony‘s Chocolonely Riegel ist in unterschiedlich große Stücke aufgeteilt und symbolisiert die ungleiche Verteilung der Erlöse der Schokoladenproduktion.

The Tony's Chocolonely bar is divided into different sized pieces and symbolises the unequal distribution of the proceeds of chocolate production.

Tony's Chocolonely mission how chocolate can be produced 100% slave-free in the future:

  • The origin of the cocoa beans used should be fully traceable.
  • A higher cocoa price so that the shares can be distributed fairly.
  • Long-term investment in farmer cooperatives and education and training for farmers.
  • Long-term partnerships with cocoa farmers to ensure predictable revenues for farmers so that they can invest in farm expansion. Encourage other stakeholders involved in chocolate production to take action.

Tony's Chocolonely bars are made from Fairtrade cocoa and sugar. 44 cocoa beans are used to make one bar.

Rettergut mixschokolade bar

Yeah, how we can become saviours by snacking on chocolate: With the delicious mixschokolade by Rettergut from Berlin. The smart team of food rescuers no longer wanted to stand idly by and watch tons of food end up in the rubbish every year. The company name is the vision - "saving food and doing something good for the environment". Rettergut starts where others sort out and create great new products from food that would otherwise end up in the bin without any reason.

The mixschokolade is produced from 100% rescued chocolate. In conventional chocolate production, the entire production line is "cleaned" with chocolate when the chocolate types are changed. In the process, several kilogrammes of chocolate are lost or would be thrown away if Rettergut had not included mixschokolade in its range. In addition to the wasted chocolate, the resources used have of course also been discarded. 20,000 litres of water alone are consumed in the chocolate production process.

Die Gute Schokolade

We have been successfully selling "Gute Schokolade" for more than a year. Part of the proceeds of the Fairtrade product of the children and youth initiative of Plant-for-the-Planet go to the initiative's planting project. Read more about the "Gute Schokolade" here.


And our "Triple Heroes" also look very good at Easter!