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Even though today's marketing mix is determined by digital marketing activities like mailings, social media and Google Ads, many of our customers still appreciate the touch of the product. The right packaging plays an important role here. Companies are looking for creative ideas in the area of packaging solutions that do not lose sight of the topic of "sustainability".

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IFS Global Food Markets Certificate

About our services

With over 30 years of market experience, we are a competent full-service company in the field of contract packaging with extensive services - both in contract printing and contract packaging. With a IFS and HACCP certification, the focus is on the food sector.

Printing Machine

Film Printing and Production

We have specialised in the finishing and further processing of packing for various industries. Thanks to our IFS, HACCP, FSC and organic certification, companies from the food industry in particular value our comprehensive range of services: We see ourselves as a full-service company with an individual and personal service ranging from consulting and purchasing the appropriate film, contract printing in our own film printing plant and filling on our own filling plants. "Our core competence is both contract printing and contract packaging especially for the food industry. Thanks to our own graphic department, the print shop and the various filling lines, we can respond quickly and flexibly to customer requirements", says Steffen Heinzinger, Managing Director of MAGNA sweets.

Due to the increasing demand, we have invested extensively in expansion in recent years. In addition to expansions in the area of filling systems, a new warehouse was put into operation in 2019, so that we now have a total of around 70 employees working with the most modern packaging systems on over 3,000 sqm of production and storage space. In addition to the fully automated filling and packaging on around 30 packaging lines for bags of various sizes and shapes as well as tins, we continue to wrap sweets at the customer's request or package products by hand.

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Sample Packaging
Sample Packaging

"Our customers appreciate the individual advice and flexibility, for example in the area of "free samples" for retailers. We can produce and fill the product samples in packaging that corresponds to the original goods. We produce individual short runds starting from a minimum of 20,000 pieces, individual printing is possible form 350 running metres of film," says Heinzinger.

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Small runs
Fillings in small runs from 20,000 pieces and 350 meters foil finishing

Contract Packaging particularly interesting for Start-Ups

This can be an interesting solution for start-up companies: Especially young companies in the food industry are often looking for a suitable contract printing and packaging company that can produce small print runs. The company also offers flexibility and speed in the area of individual packaging design and finishing, thanks to its own graphis department and foil printing shop, with foil finishing in up to eight colours.

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Sample Packaging
About 30 full-automatic c

Various Packaging Options

Depending on customer requirements and properties, the products are packed, for example, in OPP transparent or white as mono or composite film. In addition to the film, there are also various options for the shape of the packaging, such as flowpack, tetraeder, chain bags or the practical bottle bag. Each bag produced is provided with is own barcode and a BBD. Sustainability also plays an important role. For some time now, there has been an alternative paper/PE film is produced from FSC-certified paper. Whether the selected film and packaging is also suitable for the finished product is tested in various fillings before production begins, as each product has its own special charateristics.

But also the filling in cans is still in demand. There is a choice of different types and sizes of cans, which can be refined according to the customer's wishes and individual filling in specials shapes of cans is also possible.

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Climate Sign

Taking "sustainability" forward step by step

We take care to work in a climate-friendly way. Since 2019 we have therefore been cooperating with Plant-for-the-Planet. In addition, it is important for us to advance the topic of "sustainability" step by step. In the last seven years, for example, we have been able to reduce CO2 emissions by around a third thanks to our own combined heat and power plant, our own wood chip plant has already been in operation for many years and a large-area photovoltaic system has been installed on the roofs of the new warehouse.

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