Our famous brands

We have brands for brands. We chose the most popular brands in sweets industry to complete your beautiful and innovative packaging with high-quality filling - let yourself be surprised.

Das Lindt Logo


The Lindt company lives for high-quality and delicious chocolate products. We took their favourite and most significant delicacies and made them available for you. With your individual packaging, these special products will be a real highlight.

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Das Seeberger Logo


The Seeberger company's spectrum of nuts is enormous. Their first class taste comes from thoroughly picked and carefully processed ingredients. We go nuts for these healthy Snacks.

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dasNimm 2 Logo


Since 1962, everybody loves this deliciously filled candy. Even today, it's still a colourful and fruity promotional hit.

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Extra Professional

Wrigley’s Extra Professional series combines fresh taste with dental hygiene. When wrapped in a personalized bag, it's the fresh star among the sweet giveaways.

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Is there anybody who doesn't know Wrigley’s chewing gums? Absolute freshness for everybody who likes a strong taste.

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Fruity or fresh? It doesn't really matter, because once you try one, you want them all. Single packed or multiple mentos, these delicious gums are a real treat.

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Chupa Chups

Our best-selling lollipop. The Mini ChupaChups presents itself nicely in a personalized bag.

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The Lambertz company is known for delicious high-quality pastries. We took their bestsellers and made them amazing personalized giveaways.   

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Beauty Sweeties

When you think of delicious, vegan jellies in many shapes and flavours, BeautySweeties comes to mind. They are not only tasty but make you beautiful as well.

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Fisherman's Friend

Originally they were made as a refreshment for fishermen, but today, they are equally enjoyed by everyone (if you are strong enough).

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115 years ago, Dr. Carl Soldan layed the foundation for brands like Em-eukal. Every product is unique in it's flavour, recipe and effect - not only during winter.

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It's the deliciously melting classic of milk chocolate. But there's much more to discover than "just" chocolate...

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Pure refreshment from the leading producer of sugar-free breath mints. This exlusive filling in our top seller product MintCard grants you fresh moments throughout the day.

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