Certificates and Quality Management

Sustainability is also an important topic in the promotional products industry. In addition to conventional packaging options, we also offer packaging solutions made from FSC®-certified materials. Packaging produced from paper or cardboard from sustainable forestry is marked with the FSC® seal in our online shop.

IFS Global Markets Food

The IFS Global Markets Food quality standard is a standardised food safety assessment programme for retail and private label products. It offers food businesses the opportunity to provide evidence of food safety management at a more manageable cost. A key benefit of this certification is comparability and transparency throughout the supply chain.

HACCP Certificate

The abbreviation HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) stands for the internationally recognised concept of identifying risks in food production and creating legal certainty. Acting in accordance with the HACCP concept enables companies to demonstrate that the needs of consumers are taken seriously and that companies produce food in accordance with safe production processes.


With this certification, we fulfil the requirements of Article 29(1) of Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 and are thus entitled to process, store, package or import organic raw materials and organic products.

Organic inspection body code: DE-Öko-060

Keimling and DIN-tested industrial compostable

The two internationally recognised certification marks - the Keimling compostability mark of the European Bioplastics e. V.  and the DIN-Geprüft industrially compostable test mark - are awarded on the basis of specific certification programmes. Both are based on the DIN EN 13432 standard. Our compostable packaging films made from the renewable raw material cellulose have been successfully certified accordingly.en or import organic raw materials and organic products.

FSC®-Certification (C149319)

The Forest Stewardship Council® - or FSC® for short - is an international, non-profit organisation with the aim of making ecologically and socially responsible forest management globally visible on products with the help of a seal. MAGNA sweets has been FSC® certified for some time and is thus committed to the protection of forests and people.

Das Gute Certificate

With the Good Certificate from Plant-for-the-Planet, MAGNA sweets offsets greenhouse gases equivalent to 250 t CO2, additionally binds already emitted CO2 from the atmosphere through 1,250 trees and enables the training and supervision of 35 ambassadors for climate justice. The Plant-for-the-Planet certificate thus offers even more than climate neutrality: trees are planted, children are motivated to get involved and are mentored for years. The opportunity clearly lies in starting a positive chain reaction - for the future of this planet. We are thus making a voluntary and reliable contribution to climate protection in order to counteract the climate crisis. Our aspiration is to preserve an intact environment for future generations.

Quality Management System

We think along with you and have set up a comprehensive quality management system.

Depending on the product area and applications, additional quality-relevant systems are of course implemented and further certifications are sought if required. It is also important to us that our employees receive regular further training so that we can constantly guarantee our high quality standards.