MAGNA sweets is climate neutral by choice

Social responsibility is one of the main themes of MAGNA sweets' company culture. We do not only believe in responsible, sustainable and social handling of our employees and customers, the environment and all other ressources, we also by these values every day.

We decided at the beginning of 2019, to become partners with Plant-for-the-Planet. So we added the Change Chocolate to our product line and actively support of the Plant-for-the-Planet company.

With Plant-for-the-Planet's good certificate, MAGNA sweets compensates greenhouse gases equal to 250 tons of CO2, binds additional CO2 already in our atmosphere with the help of 1.250 trees and supports 35 Climate Justice Ambassadors.

So the Plant-for-the-Planet certificate offers more than just climate neutrality: Trees get planted, kids get motivated to help them grow and they get assisted their whole life. The big chance we have is to start a chain reaction – for the future of this planet.

We are proud of our voluntary and reliable contribution to climate protection to fight against the climate crisis. Our goal is to keep this world intact for future generations to come.

Why Plant-for-the-Planet?

'Cause kids are strong ambassadors and trees store CO2 like no other.

The Plant-for-the-Planet children and youth initiative was launched in January 2007. At the end of his school presentation about the current climate crisis, nine-year-old Felix Finkbeiner announced his vision to his classmates: “Let’s plant one million trees in every country on earth”. Their goal is to plant a trillion trees worldwide by the year 2020.

So far, with the help of many adults, Plant-for-the-Planet youths have already planted more than 15 billion trees in 193 countries. On the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico, Plant-for-the-Planet plants a new tree every 15 seconds. This project demonstrates just how easy it is to make planting trees so effective on a large scale. The initiative uses its own products (i.e. the Change Chocolate) in order to independently plant trees and motivate others to get involved in planting. In academies, kids teach themselves to be a Climate Justice Ambassador – over 70 000 children from 67 different countries are already part of the team!

The worldwide slogan „Stop talking. Start planting.“ makes it clear, that just talking isn't enough and it is time to act. We at MAGNA sweets are proud to be part of this very special project.